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If you are looking for HIGH QUALITY products specifically manufactured for the HOSPITALITY industry, we are the company for you. We offer 1st quality, at low wholesale prices, products that are made to last. What we don’t offer is gimmick pricing. When we sell you a T180 or T250 sheet, it is a true T180 or T250 sheet – not a T160 or T200 . Our Hotel Towels weigh what they are supposed to within a 5% margin. A 14 lb. per dozen bath towel will weigh 1.17 pounds per towel +/- 5%.

Understanding how unattractive un-matched amenities can be, we stock amenities in our warehouse – doing our best to never run out.

Specializing in export to the Caribbean, Central and South America, we can help you find the best freight carrier for your cargo’s destination. All export shipments are properly sealed and labeled with your name and case numbers in order to avoid any problems with pilferage.

We are a true wholesale distributor and price our products accordingly. Our prices are not inflated so we can offer so called "Free Shipping", what we offer is real wholesale prices with true shipping costs. If your order hits or exceeds a set weight, then a real person in our office will send out the specifics of your order for shipping bids. You will be notified of the best rate for final approval of your order. You will not be charged until you give approval.

Safe Shopping

100% Safe Shopping Experience

Hospitality Industry

Quality Guaranteed

Online Support

During Business Hours

New Arrivals